Fencing Your Garden

A wide variety of fencing styles is available, the most common and best looking being the boarded fence. This can be built to suit any area and the boards can be flat or round at the top. A popular alternative is to run the boards at an angle or to space them with a thin strip of timber.

Split Level Garden

At this property we cut into the existing upper deck to create a staircase down the slope to an area we levelled and created another shaped deck on. The space for this was made by cutting into the slope and retaining the bank with a wall of reclaimed railway sleepers. The finished area was matted and covered with decorative stone or bark and then planted out.

Large Scale Clear and Rebuild

Large areas can be cleared completely and the cleaned area reused for a variety of purposes. In this example 48 tonnes of earth and hardcore were removed to create a large flat space. A retaining wall was used to hold the remaining bank and tarmac laid to create a carpark.